Cross Timbers Chapel


  • The Cross Timbers Chapel will seat approximately 250 people.

  • The useable stage space is 20’ x 20’.

  • There are two rooms (one on each side of the chapel) that can each be split into two rooms.  Each small room can hold about 15 people.

  • The following items are available for use:  a piano, an organ, 2 podiums, a drop-down projector screen, a mounted projector, 1 sound mixing board, 2 speakers on stands, 4 microphones, 3 microphone stands, and 3 microphone cords.

  • The resident manager will control all lighting and thermostat changes.

  • There are bathrooms located in the back of the chapel.

Come to the Chapel

Central to who we are at Camp Paron is our faith. Cross Timbers Chapel is special to our Staff and to many others who have stayed with us. It is a place of worship, prayer, and life change. If you do not gather here with your group, we hope you will still choose to visit the Chapel during your stay.