1. Nook ‘Em

Nook ‘Em is a variation of volleyball that requires the less practiced skill of actually playing volleyball. In Nook ‘Em, there is no bumping, setting or spiking, instead it’s all about catching and throwing. The object is to get all players of the opposing team out. To do that the ball must drop to the ground. If the ball lands on the ground the closest person to where the ball landed is out. Just like volleyball the ball goes back and forth between the teams. Each team gets 3 catches to get the ball over the net. Once all players from one team have gotten out, the game is over.


2. Top 3 Dodgeball Games

This is classic dodgeball. It’s full court (each team gets a half) and if you cross the line, you’re out. Get hit, you’re out. Catch the ball and they are out and you get one player back. Last team standing wins!

Mostly the same rules as before. The difference is depending on where you get hit you lose that body part (Arms and legs). Head shot = Dead shot … chest too. Last team standing wins.

War ball
Similar to traditional: get hit and you’re out. Catch the ball they are out but nobody comes back in. The way to get someone back in is that at some point in the game a referee or counselor yells, “3-point line!”. At that point the boundaries are no longer the half-court line, they are from 3-point line to 3-point line. AT ANY POINT IF YOU CROSS YOU ARE OUT!!! The catch is this: if you hit a shot from behind the arch, you get your whole team back in. If this happens it’s back to half court rules. Last team standing wins.


3. Ultimate Frisbee

This starts with two teams. The goal is to not let the other team score. Throw the Frisbee to your teammates. Try to get it to the end zone. If you catch the Frisbee you have two steps until you have to throw it again. If the Frisbee is thrown and lands on the ground, the defending team receives possession. Defenders can not touch the person throwing the Frisbee.

We hope this list helps inspire you to plan some extra fun games for your next youth camp! If you’re camping at Camp Paron, tag us in the photos of your games @campparon!