Are you living life in the RED?  Are you running on spiritual fumes?  Are you getting your tail kicked by the enemy on a daily basis?

Here are 3 helpful tips in living life RECHARGED:

  1. The Power of the Holy Spirit!
    1. “The same power that spoke creation into existence is the same power that is available to us through the Holy Spirit.” – John Schaffner(RECHARGE Speaker)
    2. Daily, be filled by the Holy Spirit!  We, as children of God, have access to the same power that created the universe, how amazing is that?!
  2. Be Sin Assassins!
    1. “Sin will always take you farther than you want to go, keep you longer than you want to stay, and cost you more than you want to pay.” – Schaffner (Speaker)
    2. Daily, assassinate sin as soon as it presents itself.  Don’t give it a foot in the door!
  3. Feed your Spirit and Starve your Flesh!
    1. If your spirit and your flesh were dogs, which breeds would they be?  Your spirit should be comparable to a Rottweiler, and your flesh should be comparable to a Teacup Yorkie.
    2. Your flesh should not be the dominating voice of reason.  It should cower at the presence of the Holy Spirit within you, just like a Teacup Yorkie would be submissive to a Rottweiler at feeding time.  Starve your flesh by assassinating sin, and feed your spirit by being in the Word and spending time alone with Jesus.

Live RECHARGED, filled by the Holy Spirit!!

Praise the Lord, with us, for His work done during RECHARGE:

  • 1 salvation
  • Multiple student testimonies of the Lord’s work in their lives
  • Students breaking the bondage of sin, and living in the freedom Christ provides
  • A smooth, foundational start to our programmed camps
  • Students, still, impacting their hometowns for the Kingdom!